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Today, the world is a global village, as it is easier than before to visit a country not your own. However, in order to do this you need to know all about visa requirements and embassy guidelines, as knowledge is power that will enable you to get proper documents. NEEDVISA.COM is one of the leading international websites offering reliable visa information guidance, passport rankings, international visa restrictions, and embassies & consulates addresses all over the world. We are backed by a team of qualified as well as dexterous professionals who are well-versed in communicating with the foreign ministries, and website viewers to track any changes could ensue. Browsing through the website, travelers/ tourists can learn about ranking of countries according to the travel freedom that citizens enjoy. The information available on our website is reliable, as we at NEEDVISA.COM continuously study the visa regulations of all countries/ territories around the globe and display an index which ranks each of them by the number of other countries their people can travel to without obtaining a visa.

The index is created in collaboration with most of foreign ministries around the world, our intensive research and international travelers. Our more advance index is empowered to our open and ongoing communication with the foreign ministries. Our index is flexible and ever evolving as website viewers contribute to it by providing edits that are proofed by our website team.